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​Registration of Foreign Company Branch Office in Taiwan​
Procedure and Information


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Procedure Introduction

Pre-check the Branch Office Name

Please Provide:

  1. Branch Office Names (1-3 names)

  2. Copy of the responsible person's ID card

  3. Select the Code of Business Items/Activities

  4. Registration fee of NTD $150

Apply for Proof of Permit Documents
(if not applicable, no submission required)

  • Copy of approval letters from other relevant authorities 

  • Copy of the Investment Permit Letter from Investment Review Committee, Ministry of Economic Affairs(Individuals, legal entities, groups, or other organizations from Mainland China, directly or indirectly holding more than 30% of shares or capital contribution in a foreign company, or having controlling power over a foreign company, must apply for an investment permit from Investment Review Committee, Ministry of Economic Affairs, before applying for registration with the competent authority of the company.)

Approval of the registration of Foreign Company Branch Offices and investment permit

Please provide:

  1. Application form (If represented by an accountant, a power of attorney should be attached)

  2. Copy of approval letters from other relevant authorities (If not applicable, no submission required)

  3. Permit Letter from Investment Review Committee, Ministry of Economic Affairs (Mainland Chinese investment only)

  4. Copy of legal entity qualification documents (certified by a notary public)

  5. Foreign Company (Change) Registration Form, 2 copies

  6. Notification and proof of inward remittance of operating funds in R.O.C., copy of exchange memo

  7. Authorization letter for designated responsible person in R.O.C.(with Notarization)

  8. Authorization letter for branch office manager (with Notarization)

  9. Copy of identification documents of the designated responsible person in R.O.C.(including address, signature or seal)

  10. Copy of identification documents of the branch office manager (including address, signature or seal)

  11. Copy of consent letter from the Constructional improvements owner

  12. Copy of ownership proof documents

  13. Company seals

  14. Foreign Company Branch Office Establishment (Change) Registration Form, 2 copies

  15. Registration fee for establishment (minimum of NTD $1000)

Opening Preparatory Account

Please provide:

  1. Dual identification documents of the responsible person

  2. Official letter from the Department of Commerce, MOEA requesting branch office establishment

  3. Approved Name Precheck Certificate

  4. Company seals

Import and Remittance of Operating Funds for Use within the Territory of R.O.C.

After the branch office has opened a preparatory account, the operating funds can be remitted into the account according to the registered capital amount set during the branch office establishment.

  1. The funds must be remitted in foreign currency under the name of the foreign parent company and converted into NTD. The remitted amount in NTD must match the registered capital amount stated in the establishment application.

  2. The recipient of the remittance must be the preparatory account of the branch office.

  3. The Outward Remittance Classification should be specified as '310 Withdrawal of equity investments by foreign nationals and overseas Chinese'.

Certified Capital Verification Audit by Accountant

Please provide:

  1. Import Remittance Notification (Original)

  2. Exchange memo(Original)

  3. Copy of Bank Statement

  4. Apply for Balance Certificate on the day following the deposit of funds

Fund Approval and Corrected

After the approval of the registration of a branch office by the Department of Commerce, MOEA, a "corrected" procedure must be completed within 30 days. The purpose of this procedure is to prove that the foreign company has actually remitted the funds.

After the funds are remitted, an "corrected" application should be submitted to the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Bureau of Commerce.


(Approval of funds for newly established) 

Please provide:

  1. Application for Registration (Change) of Foreign Company and Registration (Change) of Branch Office

  2. Prepare the remittance notification and foreign exchange payment statement.

  3. Capital Audit by CPA for the branch.

Tax Registration

After the Department of Commerce, MOEA receives the "corrected application" and confirms the fund review is satisfactory, the establishment of the branch will be officially approved, and an approval letter will be sent. Upon receiving the approval letter, you can proceed to apply for business (tax) registration with the local National Tax Bureau. 


(Approval of funds for newly established)

Please provide:

  1. Application for business registration

  2. Copy of the approval letter for the establishment of the branch from the Department of Commerce, MOEA

  3. Power of attorney for the agent (not required if there is no agent)

  4. Copy of the office lease agreement

  5. Copy of the landlord's consent letter

  6. Copy of the property tax bill


After getting the approval letter for business (tax) registration from the National Tax Bureau, the responsible person of the branch must report to the National Tax Bureau and apply for the purchase of invoice certificates. 


Please provide:

  1. Invoice seal

  2. Approval letter for business registration

Preparation for Conversion to Formal Account

After obtaining the approval letter for the establishment of a branch from the Department of Commerce, MOEA and the registration (taxation) approval from the National Taxation Bureau, the responsible person can take the approval letter to the bank to convert the preparatory account into an official branch account. 


Please provide:

  1. Approval letter for the registration of a branch office from the Department of Commerce, MOEA.

  2. Approval letter for Business Entity Registration.

  3. Company seals

Application for Branch's Exporter/Importer Registration

If the branch needs to engage in import and export business, it can apply for the registration of importer/exporter with the Bureau of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Economic Affairs. 

Applications for review of English name availability and the registration of importers and exporters will be fully accessible online. The approval can be obtained in approximately 2 hours.

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